Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ships Bells, Estate Bells, Corporate Bells, and Yachts - What a day!

Today started out normally enough, packing up a beautiful group of bells going to all points; Louisiana, New Hampshire, Virginia, Puerto Rico, and Missouri of all places when I realized how fun this all really is casting custom bronze bells for all folks and uses. Examples: The bell for PR is going to be mounted on a fence post to ring up the family for dinner, the bell for Virginia will proudly serve a Navy Seals Training Command. The smallest bells are going to NH and MO and will adorn well loved yachts. Our new friends in LA now own a stunning 12" bronze bell, embossed with their corporate logo, mounted with a gallows (for a good 360 degree presentation) on a mahogany base. She'll most likely be proudly displayed in a front office or on a conference table for all to enjoy. We've done many logos and emblems, here's one we did for Morris Yachts 35th Anniversary and it's truly amazing what our artisans can do. Lately I've been talking with a very excited client as we're casting a graduation gift for his son upon completion of martitime academy.

He's been encouraging me to reach out to many Maritime Academies as he feels he can't be the only one who would wish to give such a gift... I think he's a genious!

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